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All the King's Traitors

All The Queen's Renegades

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All the King's Traitors

Release Date: August 31st, 2019

Over a thousand years have passed since the first Godstones ripped through the skies and bombarded the earth. With their fall came chaos and destruction, but also immense powers. Powers that seperate humans from Gods.


    Now, in the Kingdom of Azanthea, two adoptive brothers flee from an unjust conscription.


A warrior heiress of a slaughtered people struggles to find freedom.


A traitorous heir roams the lands in search of an army to call his own.


A royal advisor competes in a grueling trial for her place beside the throne.


And a Godstone wielding King rules without mercy.


Meanwhile, far to the south, an ancient power is awakening biding their time to reclaim the glory and power that was once theirs.